17-20 September 2018

Earth Observation Technologies for Crop Monitoring Workshop

Participants from both JECAM and Asia-RiCE discussed the results of their application of Earth observations over their selected experiment sites, reporting research and application results using various time series satellite data acquired with the support of CEOS.

The meeting highlighted the benefits and the opportunities of the JECAM/Asia-RiCE network for conducting comprehensive studies using geographically distributed experiment sites. Diversity in approaches, field measurements and reporting protocols, as well as best practices in various cropping systems, were shared and discussed in this workshop.

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6th April 2016

2015 Asia-RiCE Implementation Report

Download the report here.

4th December 2015

Asia-RiCE CEOS Plenary Side Meeting

An Asia-RiCE side meeting was held at the 2015 CEOS Plenary on the 4th of November to present progress on Asia-RiCE to the CEOS community.

Meeting materials and brief notes can be downloaded using the following links:

Brief Notes (PDF)

Presentations (.zip, 29.3 MB)

21st April 2015

2015 Asia-RiCE Team Meeting and Test Site in Agricultural Application Workshop, Council of Agriculture, Taipei, Taiwan

Download a copy of the meeting summary here.

14th November 2014

Asia-RiCE Team Meeting and AFSIS Rice Growing Outlook Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand, October 2014

The links below can be used to download a copy of the presentations and photos from the meetings.

Asia-RiCE Team Meeting Presentations (.zip)

Rice Growing Outlook Workshop Presentations (.zip)

Photos (.zip)

6th February 2014

Asia-RiCE APRSAF 2013 Presentations

The link below can be used to download a copy of the presentations from the Asia-RiCE session at APRSAF 2013.

Presentations (.zip) (104MB)

20th January 2014

Asia-RiCE ACRS 2013 Presentations

The links below can be used to download copies of the presentations from the Asia-RiCE session at ACRS 2013.

ACRS Asia-RiCE Workshop Agenda: PDF

Title: Asia Rice Crop Monitoring (Asia-RiCE) Update and Next Steps
Presenter: Shin-ichi Sobue (RESTEC, Japan)

Title: SNPP Data Access for Agricultural Monitoring
Presenter: Christopher D. Elvidge (NOAA, USA)

Title: Rice Crop Monitoring in Indonesia
Presenters: Muhrizal Sarwani and Rizatus Shofiyati (ICALRD/MOA, Indonesia)

Title: Agriculture With Satellite Remote Sensing & Sensors
Presenter: Preesan Rakwatin (GISTDA, Thailand)

Title: Rice Crop Monitoring in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, Using Radar Remote Sensing Data
Nguyen Lam-Dao (GIRS/HCMIRG/VAST, Vietnam)
Thuy Le-Toan (CESBIO/CNRS, France)
Phung Hoang-Phi (GIRS/HCMIRG/VAST, Vietnam)

Title: Asia-RiCE Workshop, Cambodia Update
Presenter: Pech Romnea (GDA, MAFF, Cambodia)

Title: EO Data for Rice Monitoring in Asia
Presenter: Thuy Le-Toan (CESBIO/CNRS, France)

Title: Space Application For Environment Overview
Presenter: Tomoyuki Nukui (JAXA/EORC, Japan)

Title: Assessment of Drought Impact on Rice Production
in Indonesia by Satellite Remote Sensing and
Dissemination with Web-GIS
Rizatus Shofiyati (ICALRD/MOA, Indonesia)
Wataru Takeuchi
Soni Darmawan
Parwati Sofan (LAPAN, Indonesia)

Title: Japan's Activities for Asia-RiCE and Japanese Earth Observation Satellites
Kei Oyoshi (JAXA, Japan)
Shin-ichi Sobue (RESTEC, Japan)

Title: Indian Satellites for Applications in Agriculture
Presenter: Jai Singh Parihar (ISRO, India)

Title: Land Development for Poverty Eradication
Presenter: Felcra Berhad